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  • Arancino


    A funny living Italian stereotype who is half pizza pasta mafia half genius. So nerd his only real life friend is his cat. Also created smolizards game.

  • Yamak


    Co founder with the other dummies of the team. Currently giving dumb ideas and mostly busy banning dummies from our discord/rejecting dumb collab requests on twitter.

  • Fiacchit

    Co-founder, Discord manager

    Fiacchitt: Co-founder, discord manager. I have the best ides when I'm sitting on the toilet. Owner of the dumb hammer and ready to time you out for a week in discord.

  • Lucy

    Co-founder, creative director

    Cybersecurity engineer in the past life. A wannabe Donald Draper in web3.

  • Max

    Web3 Dev

    When i don't sleep, I do stuff in web3 space. I like cats and I'm lazy. A lot.

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